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Santa Maria de Soto de Luiña Church

Was converted into a parish in the early seventeenth century under the patronage of Señora de La Humildad.

The temple has a Latin cross plan with three naves and three chapels, a semicircular apse and tower square plan, on feet.

Preserves side porches supported on columns. The square tower of 3 storeys, with niches of stone and wood. Crowned by an octagonal spire of hewn stone topped by a giant overtones stone. Gargoyles on the corners is zoomorphic.

The tower, on feet, in gray stone and whitewashed walls, arches represents at its base on both floors, niches hold statues of stone. The cornice is surmounted by gargoyles, beasts.
Cover with a pyramidal spire, topped by a stone giant.

Inside you can see, the nave roof covered with estrellada.Coro to foot on basket-handle arch. Sacristy covered with vault.

The altarpiece is dedicated to Nuestra Señora de La Humildad(Baroque), the altarpiece to Rosario (right) is represented the Tree of Life of Jesus and the altarpiece of Santa Ines (left) is represented the Tree Nativity

To mark the restoration of these monuments in 1984, was declared a historical-artistic monument.
Latitud: 43.52 / Longitud: -6.263889
Soto de Luiña

Parish council of Cudillero in which further include the Hospital of pilgrims, also related to the Camino de Santiago. This old hospital is one of the few examples that are conserved in Asturias.

Eighteenth century work, the model reproduces noble Asturian country house. It is located about six meters from the church and separated from it by the route of the old highway.

with a square, consists of low and high floor, coated with four slopes. Outbuildings had disappeared: Oven, barn, granary, granary and Antojanes.

As we noted characteristic tempera frescoes that decorate almost all of the rooms. Downstairs we found a few small pictures representing holy figures, tables linked by garlands of flowers and fruits. Upstairs the decor becomes more secular, based on garlands of flowers and large clusters of fruit.

All this within a clear popular baroque style. This series of fresh, contemporary undoubtedly those who decorated the apse of the church, with scenes and symbols relating to the Nativity, now lost, is set to be one of the few examples of pictorial technique preserved in Asturias.

Most significant of the building is at decorative stone frieze that runs along the external wall at the top and bottom, alternating rnetopas triglyphs and rosettes. The openings are framed by stone lintels. Forward preserved painted decoration. The tiles are willing to blanket.

Another unique feature of this building is the wealth of carpentry, which is one of the most extensive (given the wealth and variety of designs and sizes) Asturian furniture art applied to architecture.

Underwent various reforms disappearing in the nineteenth century the south side corridor. In 1983, sank much of the roof of the building, proceeding Soto de Luiña Parish Board the restoration of the building with the help of the Administration of the Principality and the Archdiocese of Oviedo.


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